WHERETO - The GOB Worldwide -- Through the Charter we assembled a Global Network of delegates providing global reach under a unison operational structure that is centralized within the GOB Platform. As follows, this is a collection of impressions that represents the locations of the GOB jurisdictions trough historic backgrounds - wherto / whereto. This collection reflects that who we are is a reflection of what we do:

 GOB Platform continues to carry signatories and bearers for its Charter worldwide. A Public Trust, a chartered legal entity with challenge to protect through independence and responsible behavior, thus impartiality be naturally inherent in what we do. 

View the US Debt Clock, provided as courtesy from Steve Stoft Ph. D. Economist


The GOB, through its donors, fundraising, and activities carries our seal worldwide and gaining recognition for its work in seeking opportunities to protect communities and consumers, as a public trust. The GOB is the first that through donations, fundraising and grants to carry a comprehensive programs enrich by cultural diversity with proficiency in the chosen field of activities. We seek for ways to protect communities and consumers through non discriminatory and non-bias special interest and to promote, encourage and participate with other Nations product and service initiatives from America, we are a entity of Public Trust.