Signatories & Bearers

As a public trust, the GOB provides consistency in operations of activities in carrying out its Charter. Consistency are provided by the necessary fundamentals through our activities, following international convention, whether is to manage projects, accreditation or recognition through regions within our world of jurisdiction. To this effect, through the signatory protocol, the GOB seeks collaborative activities with governmental and non-governmental entities attune to the legally binding Charter.

    As a Public Trust, the GOB does cannot seek special combinations interests in carrying out specific projects, accreditation or recognition activities. Our activities operate to fulfill legal obligations and regulations through internationally recognized and generally accepted benchmarks in support of the Charter. As a Public Trust, we act in adherence to the principles of law for which we are gladly to be constantly monitored as this provides a true base of impartiality with competence. Impartiality is affected when in applying secret combinations could lead onto acts that are unlawful to a public trust such as lobbying to specifically seek benefit to specific interest, self protect and this in turn adversely affects competence and emphatically impartiality. To this effect and in adhering to agreement with the Attorney General Department of Justice and Department of the Treasury we provide a transparent Annual Report available upon request to parties with bona fide interest as determined by law. And this ensures confidence and trust in our actions and activities to governmental authorities, regulators and businesses worldwide.

Signatories and bearers are donors and thus becoming a significant contributor to the dissemination of our purpose, the Charter, without having to reach for a service exchange for a fee or participation through a self-interest guild.

We are thankful to donors whether these are signatories or bearers for their support in finding ways to help in the onerous task of protecting communities and consumers.

Through signatories and bearers we collaborate with organizations that operate for profit as well as not-for-profit whether is the likes of many in the industry sectors such as NESTLE, PFIZER... UNIDO or Government. For information on Regulatory Affairs, contact us.


2020 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform is a U.S. based chartered organization based public trust for which contributions are tax deductible. Through its bylaws, it means that no transfer of money to individuals’ for their own benefits (salaries, bonuses, loans) - independent third-party accreditation and recognition. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage and participation to the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary - to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.