ValleyForge 17 December_smallerThis is what independence in accreditation means.

Think about community and consumers and their well-being through independent-objective-impartial work that is in the pursuit of a better life through liberty. The fundamental unit within communities and consumers is the family. Families that have a right to choose what is right for each of these based on its cultures believes and applicable laws. In the opposite we have the superficial and fashionable up-to-the-minute and latest fad seeking that communities achieve and stay complacent. Think about assessment work that will join as a highly independent and objective with its sights on the freedoms to the protection of communities (such as families) and consumers (encompassing individuals). In ways to simplify, optimize and enhance onto growth facing risks and considering opportunities. And let it not be to seek assurance of complacency based designated conformity.

The charter of the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB) begins with a legally binding primary purpose that is to protect communities and consumers; and onto its secondary purpose to promote, encourage and participate in products and services initiatives from America. Our exclusive professionals are to provide member-organizations an ongoing journey together, without indoctrination or foundation status – on where challenges, opportunities and risks are genuinely valued and with anvolunteers unflinching discourse, while applying international convention.

Through the GOB, member-organizations become part of something bigger and good in value, based our legally binding Charter. Through our highly proficient and completely volunteer board of directors and international delegates, we are free to truly encourage and promote third-party providers members to do same, and from there on the free-market. It sets forth and environment for diffusion of coming challenges and risks unto opportunities benefiting in our legally binding charter, our purpose. With freedom, these are things about the pursuit of the good and the truth; things of true value take time. And this is the beauty of the GOB.

Elevating Accreditation.

Protection of communities and consumers as to promote, encourage and participate in product and services from America requires a serious discourse within the realm of freedom. It is our believe that signatories and bearers (recognized and accredited) member-organizations can greatly appreciate and be a force for good in understanding, promoting, encouraging, participating and honoring freedom through the America’s founding principles (1776). Something of true value that each community of consumers embrace and adopts.

Through becoming a signatory and bearer, recognized and accredited, we invite you to share with us, through our assessment work worldwide. Let it be that the GOB is and remains a continuous learning experience onto member-organizations, third-party service providers based international convention. 

A word on GRC

The concept of GRC (governance, risk and compliance) is one that by signatories and bearers are to consider. GRC aligns technology and business objectives in a manner to help effectiveness to manage risk onto fulfillment of regulations. This helps in decision making by elimination gaps (“silos”) and fragmentation onto adherence to laws and regulations as a mean to compliance; signatories and bearers is to combine applicable regulatory requirements on the principle of free-market.

In Supporting the GOB

The rise of the GlobalNet Oversight Board (GOB), provides for a discourse of respect with freedom onto member-organizations and onto the free-market. A discourse founded on our legally binding charter without the need to raise capital to fill special interests coffers in ways to assure protection of market special interests’. We are purely that through our voice to raise the protection of communities and consumers by ways to promote, encourage and participate product and service initiatives from America. The support from the free-market is essential to us, and in this way staying away from contrivance, fiat, impositions or by the wishes of special interests with a full view of an agenda that is not in the communities and consumers interests. To maintain our true independence in every regard, the GOB is funded by encouraging the work of member-organizations, not by fees and impositions that inherently are in the interest of a few and not the many.

We pursue, surely, the ongoing dawning in which the strong are just and the weak secure, in learning from the past. In this way freedom continues ringing since 1776 onto the future, in the pursuit of happiness.



2021 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform is a U.S. public trust based chartered organization, contributions are tax deductible. Through its bylaws, it means that no transfer of money to individuals’ for their own benefits (salaries or loans) - the GOB is not a foundation or a strict not-for-profit. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage and participation to the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary - to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.