Core Values

Our Micro Finance Activities

We are committed to nurture a work culture in-tune with our legally binding Charter as we are to protect, preserve and defend. As a public trust carrying recognition and accreditation activities with global reach we manage our resources to maximize in carrying out the Charter with purpose, morality and integrity. The Board of Directors | Governance maintains control over the resources and moneys very closely and frequently. To this effect we carry core values.

Core Values based on principles that need be based on ethics and integrity:

Communities and consumers is our reason to the legally binding Charter as we are to seek opportunities to best fulfill their needs. The GOB | GCC comes to complement or fill a void of carrying trust and confidence to the objectives and goals of organizations, corporations, multinationals and governments in carrying values that relate to protection of communities and consumers. We are about providing earned trust and confidence through donations, fundraising and grants in carrying out the Charter. We monitor adherence to laws and regulations from signatories and bearers. Adherence to laws and regulations under antifraud, anticorruption and antitrust.

We understand that ethics and integrity cannot be regulated, and to this effect we adhere to very high standards of ethics and integrity in carrying out activities, in our behavior and in our actions and while as a charitable organization. We are not to give into specials interests as what we do determines who we are as we understand that integrity and fraud cannot be regulated. 

Team work means unison as we commit ourselves to collaborate Board of Directors | Governance | Delegates and Signatories - Bearers of the affairs to the Charter as these interact with donors, fundraisers and grant providers as to achieve objectives, targets and goals, et al from different backgrounds is an important asset and the source from which to carryout the Charter.

Accountability and Transparency is part in dedicating our resources that includes time, efforts and energy to candidly carryout the Charter as the need rises and the resources are available. We are accountable of our outcome and strive to seek, identify, analyze and communicate issues relevant to our field of activities beneficial to communities, consumers and initiatives that encourage, promote and participate in products and services from America to the benefit of the world regions wherein delegates reside. We provide factual information regarding our activities to donors, fundraisers, grant providers, bearers of affairs and the public in general providing that there is no infringement of legal obligations. 

Excellence in Communications and leadership as we pursue to communicate and inform bearers of affairs as donors and grant providers and through fundraising disseminate knowledge on matters that relate to the Charter. In communicating we need to carry respect for others and fulfillment of legal obligations (in agreement with those under 21 CFR 11, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and others) that relate to record control, privacy and confidentiality.

In Mastering Diversity we encompass a team of delegates representing world regions carrying a high level of technical competence each in their own fields of expertise that contribute to impartiality in carrying out the Charter. In this our activities, opinions, information, fundraising, and bearers of the affairs provide for unquestionably trust and confidence. And we believe that diversity is part helping signatories and bearers toward growth. 

Social Responsible means Good Neighbors in not only about mastering diversity as we add sentiments on the expertise and impartiality that we carry as we are reasonably and prudently concern on matters that includes environment, energy, renewable resources, safe products, security and services.

As a nonprofit charitable entity primarily bearing a legally binding commitment to the protection of communities and consumers our performance is measure by our reach in carrying out the Charter.


2020 | The GOB | GCC Accreditation - Recognition Platform is a U.S. based chartered organization based public trust for which contributions are tax deductible. Through its bylaws, it means that no transfer of money to individuals’ for their own benefits (salaries, bonuses, loans) - independent third-party accreditation and recognition. The work and resources are dedicated to promote, encourage and participation to the Charter, legally binding primary and secondary purpose. Primary - to protect communities and consumers; Secondary - to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives from America.