Advisory & Delegates

The GOB Platform offers an unprecedented diversity of cultures and competence and global advantages, through Delegates:

  • Delegates, signatories and bearers of affair accreditation and recognition activities bring a world of diversity from Asia Pacific, Europe, Eurasia, across America and being within the Los Angeles Basin - Inland Empire, which equally strengthens our interrelation with the Pacific Rim;
  • Our relation with Eurasia in matters that relate to public policy, industry and government provides us with understanding to a bigger picture and serves as a link with other world regions; 
  • Europe is wherein our delegates within the region provides enrichment to our world of diversity as well allows us to tap into a very high level of knowledge and competence on the food supply chains; 
  • diversity_worldIn Southern California, close to world center of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, fashion, media, science, technology and education is an enhancer to both our diversity and competence extends North To Canada and South to the Andes Region.

Et al, combining our interrelations through Technical Delegates in Asia Pacific, western Europe, Eurasia and Asia Pacific and that equally carry advisory trust to the Governance of its Board of Director enhances our ability in understanding diversity at the same time a level of unsurpassable competence in unison. Visit our page of world technical delegates within the areas of finances, services, security, technology, medical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, quality, manufacturing, food supplies, health and safety.


2020 | The GOB Accreditation - Recognition Platform a USA Public Trust, contributions are tax deductible in adherence to 501 (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code. Legal entities voluntarily carry regulatory affairs binding to the Charter of the GOB as bearers and signatories in the role of namely “watchdog”. As a registered in the State of California Office of the Attorney General Registry of Charitable Trust, The GOB nor any other entity carries the entitlement to forcefully or compulsory obligate to vis--vis third party signatory, bearer, or otherwise upon to others. The GOB resources to operate derive from donations, bequests, fundraising and grants.